Season 2 – Episode 9: Gered Mankowitz

Legendary rock 'n' roll photographer Gered Mankowitz joins Sounds and Vision to talk and reminisce with Andrew on a variety of subjects. The two chat about how Brian Jones was a troubled soul, the story…Read more

Season 2 – Episode 8: Mick Rock Tribute

This week, Andrew pays homage to the legendary photographer Mick Rock with a replay of a wonderful, rambling chat the two had in 2018. The late Mick Rock, who left us last Thursday, is known…Read more

Season 2 – Episode 7: Dave Kaufman

Dave Kaufman — radio personality on CJAD, Montreal, and host of the Delve podcast — flew down to California for the first time last month just to see The Rolling Stones on the No Filter…Read more

Season 2 – Episode 6: Elliot Easton (part 2)

Elliot Easton, guitarist for The Cars (among others), continues his eclectic conversation with Andrew Loog Oldham in part two of the podchat. The two talk about their shared love for The Hollies, the difference between…Read more

Season 2 – Episode 5: Elliot Easton

Elliot Easton (guitarist for The Cars) sits down with Andrew Loog Oldham for an extended and enlightening conversation. Part one talks about how The Cars rose up in the music industry, touching on the challenges…Read more

Season 2 – Episode 4: Jonathan Becker

Jonathan Becker, a renowned photographer whose distinctive portraits became a Vanity Fair staple over his 30 years at the magazine, sits down with Andrew for an "edutaining" conversation spanning a variety of fascinating topics. Jonathan…Read more

Season 2 – Episode 3: Johnny Marr (Part 2)

Johnny Marr, guitar player for The Smiths and ‘executive collaborator’ with The The, Electronic, Modest Mouse, and The Cribs joins Andrew for part two of their 'erudite' conversation. They discuss long drives without music, the rewards of having older friends, the struggle…Read more

Season 2 – Episode 2: Johnny Marr (Part 1)

Johnny Marr, guitar player for The Smiths and 'executive collaborator' with The The, Electronic, Modest Mouse, and The Cribs joins Andrew this week to talk about the early days of The Smiths, the original recordings…Read more

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